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Adrian Street, the flamboyant former superstar who once boasted that he ‘beat Jimmy Savile to a pulp,’ died today. Street’s wife confirmed the news to the BBC, revealing that the 82-year-old Welshman developed sepsis after being hospitalized with a haemorrhage on his brain.”He was recovering from it at home when he developed colitis, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease, which later developed into sepsis,” Linda Street told the BBC. “That’s what killed him.” The son of a Welsh coal miner, Street’s half-century career began in 1950s London, where he first developed a persona that relied on extravagant, gender-bending outfits.After retiring from the ring, Street opened a wrestling school in Florida and even created the in-ring attire worn by WWE’s Mick Foley. He survived throat cancer in 2001 and retired completely in 2014.Many wrestling greats are sharing the pain of him online, including WWE CCO Triple H.

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Adrian Street was 82 years old.


In 2013, Street claimed to have pulled out strands of discredited British TV host Jimmy Savile’s hair during a 1971 fight.Street was unaware at the time that Savile was a sexual predator accused of abusing hundreds of girls. If Street had known this about Savile, who died in 2011 aged 84, the wrestler would have given the TV host a “bigger hide”, he said in 2013.”It was all part of one big stupid stunt,” Street told WalesOnline. ‘But he wasn’t having any of it. I kicked his legs out from under him, then lifted him up by his hair, held him upside down, and dropped him on top of his skull.Then when I looked at my hands, I realized that they were covered in hair, from Savile. He had ripped huge locks from her scalp.’ The wrestler added that when they met in 1971, Savile used to talk about how young girls waited for him outside his dressing room.And he added: ‘All the wrestlers on the circuit used to brag about his conquests. But Savile used to go on and on about the young girls waiting in line for him outside his dressing room.He’d pick the ones he wanted and tell the rest, ‘Screw, he’s coming back tomorrow night.’

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