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Adina Azarian, 49, the victim – Tragedy struck when a private plane pilot reportedly lost control and crashed into a nearby neighborhood. Azarian and several members of John and Barbara Rumpel’s family were killed in the accident.

Adina Azarian was a realtor from East Hampton, New York. She was one of two daughters born to John and Barbara Rumpel. Adina was a Manhattan realtor who ran her own boutique agency. Later in her career, she joined the Keller Williams Realty franchise. Adina’s properties with Keller Williams were mostly in Long Island’s Hamptons neighborhood.

Her clients called her an “incredible asset” who “went above and beyond” for them. Her clients rated her as “responsive, perceptive, and persistent.” “I am grateful for working with Adina on my Hamptons purchase.” “I had a great buying experience entirely because of her,” one buyer stated.

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Adina Azarian was 49 years old.

What happened to Adina? Cessna Plane Crashed in Virginia

A private jet bringing Adina from Tennessee to New York crashed in the Shenandoah Valley on June 4, 2023. Following the incident, Adina, her two-year-old daughter, and the family’s nanny were confirmed to be among the victims. The three were returning home following a four-day visit to John and Barbara Rumpel’s house in North Carolina.

“It descended at 20,000 feet per minute, and nobody could survive a crash from that speed,” the distraught father told The New York Times. While the specific details are unknown, John speculates that if the plane’s pressurization failed, “they all would have just gone to sleep and never woke up.” Adina was predeceased by her sister Victoria, who died in a scuba diving accident in 1994.

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