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Adil Khan was on vacation with his mother in Pakistan when they were shot dead, his Bio, Age, Family, why kill him, read more details in Wikisinfos.
On November 19, a Saturday, Janaza Announcements posted on Facebook shortly before midnight that Bradford resident Adil Khan had passed away. According to rumors, he and his mother had been traveling to the country to see relatives. While on vacation, a 14-year-old boy was killed in Pakistan. Sadly, 14-year-old Adil Khan has passed away.

[Adil] Khan was a 14-year-old British boy. The little boy, who was traveling with his mother and was from Bradford, West Yorkshire, is said to have been killed. The Telegraph & Argus contacted the British High Commission in Islamabad for comment. A spokesman for The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) told the Daily Star: “We are supporting the family of a British boy who died in Pakistan” but he was unable to provide further details. We wish you eternal peace and send our thoughts and prayers to your loved ones, family, friends. May he rest in peace.


Adil Khan was 14 years old.

Adil Khan Cause of Death

Adil was assassinated, although Adil Khan’s cause of death has yet to be determined. There is no information available on the cause of death of Adil Khan.
More information on Adil’s cause of death will be added to Wikisinfos soon.

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The news of Adil’s shocking passing at such a young age sparked a wave of grief on social media.
Shabana Hussain said, “May Allah grant him the highest ranks in Jannatul firdous and give immense strength to the family during this devastating and difficult time.

Sarah Etienne commented: ‘I can’t believe he finds me commenting on some poor kid’s janaza ad…again! These children have not had a chance to live yet and have been taken away. What the hell could he have done so wrong to be ‘killed’? heartbreaking news… once again! rip young man Condolences and prayers to family and friends.
Maria Khan added: ‘My condolences to the whole family, an innocent child has been taken from his family, especially his mother. Allah Swt give him a higher place in Janant and savor his family and friends and severely punish whoever is responsible for this cruel and horrible thing.

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