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While Executive Head Adam Price and another teacher, identified only as Person B, undressed to “engage in sexual activities,” four fights broke out and three teachers were assaulted.

There was outrage this week when the Education Regulation Agency allowed Price, 40, to continue in his profession despite the stain on his notebook. Not barring him from teaching again, Duncan Tilley, who presided over the hearing, said: “The panel noted Mr. Price’s perception of his misconduct and the consequences thereof. He expressed remorse that seemed genuine to the panel. The devastating impact that his conduct had had on him and his family led the panel to conclude that the risk of recurrence was low. The panel considered whether it would be proportionate to conclude this case without a recommendation for a ban, considering whether publication of the findings made by the panel would be sufficient.’

Price was in charge of the Northern House School Academy Trust, an alumni referral unit in Wolverhampton when the incident occurred on January 27, 2020. The audience was informed that on the day three staff members were absent and ‘Person B’ had canceled the off-site training of a staff member to fill in the gaps. But then she joined Mr. Price in his office for three hours and 50 minutes, during which time staff members were assaulted and four fights broke out between students. His shocking behavior and his secret affair came to light a month later, after anonymous letters were sent to the school that caused Mr. Price to resign in disgrace.

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Adam Price is 40 years old.

Wolverhampton’s headteacher confesses having s**x with a staffer in the office

Duncan Tilley told the hearing in Coventry: “Mr. Price was referred to the TRA on February 20, 2020.” ‘It was reported that the school had received two anonymous letters questioning the behavior of Mr. Price and another staff member, Person B, including the nature of their relationship. ‘One of those letters questioned what they had been doing during the day in Mr. Price’s office when students and other staff were on site. A review of CCTV footage from 27 January 2020 was carried out which revealed that Mr. Price and Person B had been involved in sexual activity in Mr. Price’s office that day. He added: ‘Mr. Price admitted that on January 27, 2020, he and Person B were together in his office for much of the working day; approximately 3 hours 50 minutes in total. “During this time, Mr. Price admitted that he and Person B engaged in sexual activity and there were periods of time when Mr. Price and Person B were nude.

‘The panel heard that on the day in question, there were three assaults on staff and four separate fights between students. “The referenced document also indicated that three staff members working at the school were off duty that day and that because of this, Person B had requested additional coverage and canceled an employee’s scheduled off-site training.” Mr. Price also admitted to violating Northern House School’s “Relationships at Work” Policy by not disclosing a personal relationship with Person B. The panel rejected Price’s request for anonymity but stopped short of banning him from teaching. It did not recommend any teaching ban as Mr. Price had a good previous record and had made a valuable contribution to the profession of working with challenging learners. John Knowles, speaking on behalf of the Education Secretary, said: “In light of the panel’s findings against Mr. Price, there was a public interest consideration with respect to the protection of pupils, given that by acting as he did on the day in question, he did not put the safety and well-being of the children above all considerations. “However, based on all the evidence presented, the panel concluded that the risk to students from their conduct was not significant.”

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