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Actor Adam DeVine described the terrifying moment he and his wife, Chloe Bridges, witnessed a guy being “gunned down” outside their luxury $2.6 million Hollywood property.

The “Pitch Perfect” star, 39, described seeing a man shot to death from across the street during a live taping of the “This Is Important” podcast on Wednesday night. What just transpired is quite terrifying. So they were operating this wild poker game across the street, right?” DeVine told Blake Anderson, Anders Holm, and Kyle Newacheck on the show.

“People were rolling up in like Lamborghinis and Bentleys and Rolls-Royces and s–t and like old guys, who for sure f–k prostitutes and play cards,” he continued, according to the footage. “And I see these dudes and it’s like fun to sit and watch, [so] me and my wife, we’re sitting up on our balcony, and like, this looks crazy.”

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Adam DeVine is 39 years old.

Emil Lahaziel shot to Death

Warning the audience that “this is where it gets sad,” DeVine recalled when the man, later identified as 39-year-old Emil Lahaziel, suffered multiple gunshot wounds around 2 a.m. “Someone was murdered there,” revealed the “The Intern” actor, adding, “Someone was murdered.” Yeah, dude, I called that s-t, I called that s-t, I called that s-t.” “I was thinking, ‘This is dastardly s-t going down here,’ and sure enough, someone is shot,” he claimed.

The podcast hosts looked surprised by DeVine’s recall, with Newacheck calling it “sad” before Holm added, “Yeah, a real person, no longer with us.” “Yeah but, that happens, people be dying,” DeVine added. “This isn’t Hollywood, this is a story about my actual life.” DeVine lives opposite the house where Lahaziel succumbed to his injuries Wednesday morning. The ordeal escalated after Lahaziel was embroiled in a heated exchange with another man in the driveway.
According to the Los Angeles Times, the unnamed man pulled out a firearm and shot Lahaziel multiple times. When LAPD officers arrived, they administered CPR on Lahaziel, but he died at the site. According to police, the incident is not thought to be gang-related. As of Thursday morning, the gunman remained at large.

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