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Abraham Segura, 42, a Texas man has been arrested and charged with kidnapping for allegedly holding a woman captive inside an enclosed trailer with bars on the windows for four years.

Segura was taken into custody Wednesday and was ordered held on $150,000 bail. According to court records cited by station KTRK, Segura’s victim was rescued after calling for help from a phone inside the mobile home on West Green Road in Harris County while the suspect was at work. The woman told officers who came to the scene that her alleged captor had pointed a gun at her and threatened to kill her.

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Abraham Segura is 42 years old.

Woman held at gunpoint inside a closed trailer for 4 years

Firefighters assisting in the rescue had to use power tools to cut through the bars and plywood sheets on the windows to get the victim out. During Segura’s initial court appearance, a prosecutor presented the charges against him. The defendant kept the complainant inside a trailer for approximately four years,” the prosecutor said. He added that all exits to the trailer were blocked. When the agents finally entered the residence, they allegedly found three handguns inside.

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Segura, a hairdresser and tattoo artist, interrupted the hearing several times, asking if he could defend himself and calling the prosecution’s narrative “one-sided.” The hearing officer overseeing the proceedings told the defendant that this was not the right time or place to mount his defense. We’re not going to discuss the facts of the case today because it won’t change my mind about probable cause,” the hearing officer replied. If Segura obtains a bond, he will be required to remain under house arrest. The 42-year-old’s previous criminal history includes a single conviction for misdemeanor possession of marijuana in 2006.

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