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Abdul Hussein Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Charged, Murder, Arrested, Investigation Report

Abdul Hussein Wiki – Bio

Abdul Hussein, 25, of Buffalo, is charged with the alleged murder of a 62-year-old man inside a store in the 1000 block of Broadway near Lombard Street around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday. Police say the victim was an acquaintance of the suspected shooter and died at the scene.

The shocking incident unfolded around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday inside the store on Broadway near Sears Street, where surveillance footage captured a barefoot man in a gray sweatshirt apparently making a purchase at Sears Food Enterprise. The man, 25-year-old store clerk Abdul Hussein, is heard exchanging heated words and profanity with his co-worker, identified by WGRZ as Tawfaik Alsheari, 62.

Abdul Hussein Age

Abdul Hussein is 25 years old.

Accused of fatally shooting his co-worker inside store on Broadway

Over the course of about three minutes, Hussein seems increasingly agitated, switching to Arabic several times while Alsheari stands nearby with a boy believed to be his son. Finally, Hussein picks up a rifle and slowly approaches Alsheari, who looks away as the boy warns him about the barrel pointed in his direction. Hussein fires once, hitting Alsheari in the head, and he falls to the ground. The boy runs behind the counter before the gunman inexplicably starts looking at a shelf, apparently looking for a snack.

He appears to wash his hands, grab something to eat, and sit in a chair, licking his hands as the victim lies motionless. Hussein was arrested a short time later and arraigned Wednesday on a murder charge. He was held without bail and is scheduled to return to court Monday for a felony hearing.

The victim’s ex-wife, Melissa Alsheari, expressed her surprise that the graphic video was shared on Facebook. I can’t think straight to know that it’s available for people to see and share,” she told WGRZ. “I don’t understand how they can put it on Facebook and be good with themselves. Like you’re watching a man get executed, basically.”

She added: “I don’t know anything else to do. I have called everyone. I called the homicide detectives, the police department. I am reaching out to the people posting these videos and asking them to remove them.”

Facebook told the outlet that it placed the clip behind a sensitive content warning and allowed it to remain on the platform because it doesn’t violate any of its standards. The social media company told WGRZ that it only “removes videos and photos showing someone’s violent death when a family member requests their removal.”

Alsheari said she was trying to make that happen before her 15-year-old twin daughters saw the footage. I don’t want them to see their father being murdered. No child should have to go through that,” she told the outlet. She lamented that people will always remember that her ex-husband “was a person who was shot in the head by his coworker at this corner store, not that he was a good father or a good person who had a kind heart and would anything for anyone.”

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